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Monday, June 12, 2006

JR Norton - Saving General Washington

If you've ever listened to the conservative media, you've heard it... They are calling America back to her roots. The conservatives are the originalists. The liberals have cut-loose America loose from her moorings and steered her far away from the vision of the founding fathers.

Whether you believe this premise or not, I'll guess you haven't spent five minutes researching it!
J.R.. Norton's book Saving General Washington is a great place to start.

Even as a liberal, I let this conservative claim fly by me about a hundred times before saying to myself, "Wait a minute! That's can't be true!"

Enlightenment; rigorous-but-honest debate; tolerance of dissent; skepticism of authority; protection of personal rights; etc -- which dies this better describe: neo-Conservatives or modern progressives?

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J.R. Norton is senior producer for the Al Franken Show. From 2002 to 2004 he was Middle East Editor for The Christian Science Monitor.

In June he released Saving General Washington.

Visit his blog for the book.

blogmaster's note: As a longtime fan of the Christian Science Monitor, Norton's credentials as Middle East editor are enough to make me interested in whatever he writes!

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