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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Michelle Shocked - Deep Natural

There are only a small handful of musicians from whom I buy all their CDs, without even listening to them first.

One of those is Michelle Shocked, a rockin' folk singer with a progressive conscience. When I got Deep Natural from, I was surprised that she is now a Christian. She isn't a "Christian Musician" but a musician who had a genuine Christian experience. I was also delighted to discover that her conversion to Christianity wasn't also a conversion away from progressive social conscience. If anything, her new religious sensibility creates a more credible framework to her prophetic voice.

I think my favorite on this CD is her reworking of Amazing Grace called, That's So Amazing. Amazing Grace must has been covered by thousands of singers over the years but, almost always, it's predictably standard... but not with Michelle Shocked. This version is completely original. I love that!

Buy from and support Abe's Kids.

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