Liberal Grace

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

People who criticize Obama must not be faithful church goers.

Most Christians totally understand how Obama can disagree with his pastor but still love him.

Nearly every faithful Christian knows what it's like to love a pastor, be devoted to a church but then cringe during the sermon.

I've sat in pews and been told that George Bush is God's will for America! Yet, I love that person as a fellow Christian and it would never occur to me to denounce them.

But, ironically, many in the Religious Right are not faithful church goers.

Sure, they go to church but they aren't faithful. They stay until the pastor says something they don't like, then they march out in a huff and join (or start) another church... but not faithfully.

In my own hometown, we had a family who were highly conservative ... real pioneers of the political the Religious Right. They were high profile Christian and even ran for office but they couldn't stay in one church.

My own church was very conservative and the pastor made it no secret that he thought all Christians should vote Republican. But then he had nerve to say that Christians had an obligation to forgive Bill Clinton if he asked for it. (Matthew 6:12 and all).

That man left our church in a steaming huff because the pastor preached forgiveness!

Here's another irony: I still love that right winger.

I certainly disagree with him. I don't like him at times. But he's part of my spiritual family and I'd welcome him back to church, anytime.

That's the Christian sentiment I heard in Obama's speech today. I get it. I think most Christian's get it. Just not some conservative Christians.