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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

2008 - the end of southern racists polluting our democracy

I'm supporting Obama for the message it sends to southern white racists: YOU'RE DONE

I supported John Edwards for what he was saying. His issues were my issues.

Now I'm supporting Obama for what his election will say to America: the era of southern white racists is over.

The southern racists dominated the Democratic party for way too many decades until they became Republicans during the Reagan era. As a Democrat I said good riddance to them back then and as a proud American I say good riddance to them now... assuming that we get our first black president in spite of their hate politics.

I've heard many pragmatic Democrats express fear that a black Democrat candidate means a big fight for the south. I, myself, am spoiling for that fight and I think we can win it this year.

By the way, I'm not voting for Obama just because he's black. I agree with his positions and I believe he'll make a fantastic president.

But I do think electing a black man will be a great step in finally healing America of our original sin.

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Yes I agree with You. Not only can white southerns be racists but so can a lot of stupid redneck Yankees be to. When I was in public school in the 1980's in a small town almost all white, meaning no blacks just a couple hispanics and Asians that were honor students. I can remember when this African American student tried getting a public education there, a lot of the white students would harass taunt and tease about his nationality, I heard names like Hershy bar, and almost everyday there was an incident with this student, always fighting with some of the white kids, and I can remember one day he was slugged so hard by this particular redneck A hole student that he was knocked unconcious and one of the teachers had to lift him off the ground and carry him to the principles office. Only one other teacher I know exspressed concern about this crap, A nice white female teacher, and she didn't stay at that school very long either, it seemed that I was about the only white kid that he could get along with. This went on for a few weeks and finally I can remember he left that damn School. and walked off with some white men into the gray rainy winter day. This happened in Washington State.

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