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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Save this article!

Bush & the Right Wing Media will pretend like this report never happened.

Our own US intelligence says Bush has been lying about Iran when he claims their nuke program is reason to go to war.

Bush has been making this claim, even though the report is months old.
Soon everybody will forget about this report.

Sound familiar?

The very same thing happened in the run-up to the Iraq war.

CIA Intelligence Reports Seven Months Before 9/11 Said Iraq Posed No Threat To U.S.,
Containment Was Working

by Jason Leopold

CIA Director George Tenet testified before Congress in February 2001 that Iraq posed no immediate threat to the United States or to other countries in the Middle East.

But immediately after the terrorist attacks on 9-11, which the Bush administration has said Iraq is partially responsible for, the President and his advisers were already making a case for war against Iraq without so much as providing a shred of evidence to back up their allegations that Iraq and its former President, Saddam Hussein, helped al-Qaida hijackers plan the catastrophe.
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This report should have totally changed the debate in America about the need to invade Iraq since our own intelligence agencies had determined Iraq was not a threat. At the time, I remember debating with my conservative friends and they just claimed that the CIA is incompetent. "Everybody knows Iraq has WMDs. The CIA is wrong." they claimed then.

Now, of course, those same goofballs claim that we invaded Iraq because the CIA had faulty intelligence claiming Iraq was an imminent threat! It's not their fault! This is a surreal disconnect from reality.

It's happening again.

Our intelligence agencies are reporting that Iran doesn't have WMDs and won't anytime in the near future.

Once, again Bush is contradicting his own intelligence sources. We can expect that -- after a guaranteed disastrous bombing of Iraq -- he will blame the CIA for faulty intelligence.

So, save this report.

U.S. Finds Iran Halted Its Nuclear Arms Effort in 2003

And, this time, we must force the conservatives to change the debate.

The new debate is, "You lied to start a war in Iraq. Stop lying to start a war with Iran."

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