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Thursday, October 11, 2007

How will Iran hit us back?

The Bush administration isn't going to ask the hard questions, so we adults must.

One thing we've learned for sure: the Bush administration doesn't think issues through.

Their lack of planning for the invasion of Iraq is certainly one of America's biggest bungles of all time.

So: How is Iraq going to hit us back after Bush insanely bombs them?

Of course, anticipating Iran is not easy but I can think of several likely scenarios:
1) Collapse the Iraq central government.

2) Disrupt oil flow out of the gulf.

3) Trigger an invasion of Kurdistan by Turkey.
One or all of these things would be a serious headache for America and cost us even more billions of dollars -- yet this could be done asymmetrically avoiding a direct confrontation with America.

One thing we can know for sure: Iran is going to respond. (or do these things preemptively to a bombing)

Another thing we can know for sure: The Bush administration will claim, "This could not have been anticipated."

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