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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bill Kristol: The worst pundit in America today

Yet again, Bill Kristol is completely confident and stunningly wrong.

Who can forget that Bill Kristol gave the single worst piece of political punditry in the ramp up of the Iraq war:

"... there has been a kind of pop sociology in America that somehow the Shi’a can't get along with the Sunni ...there is almost no evidence of that at all" external link

No evidence of sectarianism in Iraq

Well he's at it again! Listen to what Kristol said this week on Fox:

Iran is the only real threat to success in Iraq

You and I may not be as smart as Bill Kristol but think about this quote for one moment.

Is there any possibility that it might be true?

Without even thinking very hard you could come up with a list of non-Iranian hindrances to peace and stability in Iraq: An invasion by Turkey comes to mind; Syrian meddling, too; Saudi insurgents fueling the Sunni resistance; and, of course, the presence of American troops and mercenaries.

Then ask yourself -- why in the world does anyone let Bill Kristol talk on TV anymore? They should pay you to give your opinions instead of him. You'd certainly be more correct than Kristol.

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