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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ann Coulter's Heavenly America

Ann Coulter's dream America is a police state, locked-down to serve a political party.

Lot's of people are talking about Coulter's "perfected Jews" comment but another surprising think pops out of that transcript:

During the October 8 edition of CNBC's The Big Idea, host Donny Deutsch asked right-wing pundit Ann Coulter: "If you had your way ... and your dreams, which are genuine, came true ... what would this country look like?" Coulter responded, "It would look like New York City during the [2004] Republican National Convention. external link

Do you remember New York during the RNC convention?

City Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention

For at least a year before the 2004 Republican National Convention, teams of undercover New York City police officers traveled to cities across the country, Canada and Europe to conduct covert observations of people who planned to protest at the convention, according to police records and interviews.external link

264 arrested in NYC bicycle protest

NEW YORK (CNN) -- In the first major clampdown on protesters before the Republican National Convention, New York police arrested 264 people Friday night during a mass demonstration.

About 5,000 cyclists gathered in Union Square Park at 6 p.m. for "Critical Mass," a monthly bike ride around Manhattan, sponsored by environmental group "Times Up!"

Police started making arrests at around 8:30 p.m. in several locations along the bike route, including Madison Square Garden -- the venue for the Republican National Convention.
external link

Suit Filed in GOP Convention Arrests

N.Y. Police Accused of Overstepping Bounds, Detaining Bystanders

NEW YORK, Nov. 22 -- Twenty-three people filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court here, saying New York city officials violated their constitutional rights by orchestrating massive arrests and detentions to sweep up political dissenters during the Republican National Convention in August.

The lawsuit seeks to represent all of the nearly 2,000 people arrested during the convention
external link
That's just the three articles that come at the top of the Google pile.

The mass arrests -- often for nothing more than free speech or just freely standing around -- is what allowed Ann Coulter to have her little vision of heaven here on earth: a bunch of rich whites, wrapping themselves in the flag as they joyously tried to destroy a liberal veteran.

The police had to spy-on, threaten, cordon-off and arrest thousands of people for the GOP to make Ann Coulters fantasy world a reality.

God help all us Christians if our heaven is like that!

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