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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Who honestly thinks we're winning in Iraq?

Seriously. What expert will go on record and declare that America is winning in Iraq?

When Harry Reid use the world "lost" for the Iraq war, the right wing went crazy:

* Senator Harry Reid: Traitor-Bastard
* Harry Reid, Traitor and Girly Man
* Senator Harry Reid is a Traitor!
* That (expletive) Harry Reid
* Harry Reid (D - Nevada) traitor?
* Harry Reid should resign…but he won’t
* Harry Reid Should Resign
* Any good reason why Harry Reid shouldn't be arrested as a traitor?
* Harry Reid Should Be Arrested and Executed for Treason F’ing Traitor!

Never mind that Harry Reid only said what is obvious to most Americans.
Never mind that recognizing failure is not the same as being happy about it.
Never mind that it was BUSH who lost the war, not Reid.

Here's my question: What credible person is saying that America is winning the war in Iraq?

This is a serious question. I'd like to read a credible expert (not a blogger; not a Fox news talking head; not a GOP operative) explain how we're winning the war in Iraq.

Anyone know of such an expert? I tried to Google it with no luck.

Please post it in the comment section.

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