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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Dems caved to Bush when the troops needed them to stand up.

America and the troops desperately need principled politicians to end Bush's failed policies in Iraq.

Like millions of Democrats, I'm discouraged and frustrated with my party. How could they have caved to Bush's failed leadership on the key issue of our time?

We all understand why the Dems caved -- Bush was going to demagogue the hell out of Memorial Day, claiming that the troops died in vain if we stop supporting his failed leadership.

Bush has been using the fallen veterans for his own cheap political gain for years now and it was rumored that this was going to kick into high gear if the Democrats didn't pass a borrowing bill to his pleasure.

But I'm still disappointed:

1) Is caving-in the only Democratic response to Bush's demagoguery?

In hard times, we need principled leaders who can take the heat... and give it back.

Why was there no effective Democratic response to Bush's shameless political manipulation of the troops and vets? It was totally predictable that George Bush was going to use 911, the troops and even the dead for his political gain -- he's made a habit of it.

Most liberals got wise to this tactic after that shameless cod-piece, flight deck speech. Most Americans have finally realized that Bush plays politics with troops ordered to applaud.

2) How come the Dems still let the President manipulate the news cycle?

Were the Dems going to let Bush beat them over the head with vets when, most American realize, that the Dems are the best friends of the veterans. (Many conservatives call it Marxism to have government programs the help the sick.)

Why didn't the Dems use this Memorial Day to highlight the needs of the vets and their families? The Walter Reed scandal comes to mind but that's just a small part.

The expenses of the Iraq war won't end when the war does -- America now has a live-long moral obligation to provide care for the vets with chronic injuries and there are a lot of them in this war -- especially brain damage.

3) Who will put their career on the line to protect the troops from Bush?

I know it's asking a lot -- that our Democrats will put their careers on the line to end Bush's failed Iraq policies. But that's what I'm asking because the stakes are so high.

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