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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Are the terrorists just smarter than the Republicans?

The "Fight them over there..." talking point is so profoundly a pre-911 mind set that it makes America vulnerable on every level.

The terrorists understand that they don't even have to attack America in order to deal us a crippling blow. They understand that they can take down our energy sources and do very serious damage to our domestic economy.
The Saudi Arrests: How Big a Plot?

The arrest of 172 Islamist militants by Saudi security forces represents another blow to al-Qaeda, but it also sheds light on the group's determination to use its base inside war-torn Iraq to spread its jihadist campaign to Saudi Arabia and the wider Arab world.
The key objectives of these cells, it said, were suicide attacks against Saudi oil installations, public figures and military bases inside and outside the countries
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Are we losing the war on terror because we didn't elect smart enough people to run our country? That GOP slogan ... "Fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here." is profoundly stupid.

Apparently the terrorists understand that they don't have to fight us " over here" to inflict serious damage on America over here. They can, instead, attack our energy sources over there.

I also want to point-out that the Saudi's saved our economic butts using law enforcement -- a strategy which this administration openly mocks. external link

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