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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When will the mean-spirited loudmouth right wingers be rejected by the good America I know and love?

The ugly meanness of the right is highlighted by the way they are treating Elizabeth Edwards.

One of the benefits of living halfway around the world is that I miss out on some of the cultural nonsense in America.

But some of it does get over here and the soulless comments by some of the right about John and Elizabeth Edwards has made it over here.

The biggest jerk seems to be Rush Limbaugh (again!) but I also heard incredibly insensitive comments by Lars Larson (who I don't know but you probably do).


"[M]ost people, when told a family member's been diagnosed with the kind of cancer Elizabeth Edwards has, they turn to God. The Edwards turned to the campaign. Their religion is politics and the quest for the White House."
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and Larson:

The political stunt pulled Thursday by trial lawyer and presidential wannabe John Edwards seems unlikely to change the final outcome of 2008 election or even the Democrat Party’s selection of a nominee. But it should cause honest members of both parties to call Edward’s honest and integrity into question anew.


We know that because John Edwards chose to make the fact public in one of the most craven political maneuvers I've seen in some time.
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As I've blogged before, I have a natural tendency to support John Edwards because he strikes me as the most Christian candidate. He cares for the poor. He's optimistic. He seems like a decent, stand-up guy.

These blow-hard mean-spirited soulless conservatives are so not that.

And, ultimately, I hope that will be the downfall of the extreme wing of the GOP. I believe that Americans are more like John Edwards than like Rush Limbaugh and Lars Larson.

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