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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Slow bleed" talking-point reveals GOPs shameless cynicism

To use a bleeding metaphor to swiftboat the Dems highlights how insensitive the GOPs are about the death of our troops.

I've been silent about the "slow bleed" RNC talking point because its been blogged all over.

But I heard it used again against the Democrats. (I think it was John Boehner but I may be forgetting.)

As you probably know, the Republicans cynically and falsely attributed the "slow bleed" phrase to the Democrats and then spread the lie all over -- and, of course, Fox News dutifully echoed the lie.
The Democratic plan was characterized in The Politico as the “slow-bleed strategy,” which was not a term used by any Democrats or the anti-war groups supporting their efforts.

The RNC, however, attributed the phrase to Democrats, and it was used in their e-mail alert.

“‘Slow bleed' is exactly the right name for this incredibly irresponsible and dangerous strategy,” RNC Chairman Mike Duncan wrote in his e-mail, which included a Web link to donate to the GOP.

“Cutting and running is bad enough,’’ he said. “But the Murtha-Pelosi 'slow-bleed' plan is far worse. It is a cynical and dangerous erosion of our ability to fight the terrorists while we still have men and women on the ground in Iraq.”
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What bothers me most is that the conservatives would play politics with anything to do with bleeding while are brave soldiers are bleeding and dying in Iraq as we speak.

I used to work in advertising and I can guarantee you that this "bleeding" metaphor was carefully considered before it was circulated as a talking point. Didn't anyone in the GOP leadership feel it was distasteful to play politics with a term when the reality is so personally tragic for some families?

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