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Sunday, March 11, 2007

John Doe: "Forever Hasn't Happened Yet"

John Doe has successfully moved from punk to a sound that feels new but appeals to my middle age sensibilities.

I went to a lot of concerts back in the 70s and 80s -- including some of the biggest name acts -- but a real stand-out was "X".

I saw X most because their poster was cool but I was instantly won over by their energy and charisma -- somehow embodied by a mysterious band member named "John Doe." I remember saying to my friends, "Most punkers pose like psychos but that John Doe might be for real!"

If he was a real psycho back then, I think he's worked it out because his solo works show no signs of it

Instead, Doe gives us a satisfying mix of a good voice, vivid lyrics and melody.

I'm approaching fifty fast and I feel ridiculous listening to either old punk or modern hip hop. I also don't want to spend my senior years listening to worn-out Billy Joel or Elton John songs on the oldies station.

John Doe's music meets that perfect need of mine for a older sensibility for song-writing but without sounding old.

The album I've been listening to for the last three weeks is "Forever Hasn't Happened Yet".

The haunting song "Twin Brother" has all the good qualities of country-music story telling songs but without a second of country music cloying. I find "Twin Brother" a tremendously powerful little vignette about the hard knocks of being a child and how that echoes into adulthood. I've heard it a dozen times and will gladly hear it again!

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