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Friday, March 16, 2007

Gen Pace's opinion about gays doesn't matter.

Are gays Americans or not? Of so, your opinion about them matters not one diddly.

Gays are Americans. It's really that simple.

As such, they have the rights and responsibilities of all Americans.

General Pace's personal opinion about the morality of homosexuals external linkdoesn't change that one bit.

Nor does it matter if you personally hate gays.

Nor does it matter of your religion or your pastor disapproves of gays.

And thank God that in America we don't (or shouldn't, at least) restrict constitutional rights based on people's personal opinions or religious dogma.

This isn't just good for gays... it's good for you.

Why? Because I guarantee you -- somewhere, someone disapproved of your morality or your religion. If those people can get enough votes, should they be able to restrict your freedoms?

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