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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Three BINDING resolutions

I never have supported these non-binding resolutions. Here are three I would support.

I'm not exactly against this surge, although I don't have much hope for it. Furthermore, trying to stop a 15% incremental adjustment in strategy may actually impinge on Bush's constitutional role as Commander in Chief.

However, there are things Congress can legally do and should do:

1) No bombing of Iran without a declaration of war.

Congress should state explicitly declare that "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002" does not apply to any other country and Bush may not bomb Iran without a formal declaration of war.

2) Institute a war tax

We must stop paying for this war with hot checks. I recommend the war tax be weighted in exactly the same way as Bush's tax cuts. (The conservatives should have no problem with this formula since they keep telling us it is fair. )

I'd also institute corporate taxes on corporations that have profited off of Iraq and on the oil companies.

The war tax will stay in place until the war is paid for, the acutely wounded have healed and the military infrastructure has been rebuilt.

I suspect that the conservatives hate taxes more than they love war and that the reality of paying for this war might take the edge off of their enthusiasm for it.

3) Establish a funding timeline for the war

Until Congress established a timeline for funding, they have no right to complain that Bush has not established a timeline for troop withdrawal.

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It seems to me the real issue is: Has (have) Bush's unaccomplished mission(s) in Iraq exceeded the original Joint House Resolution Authorization of October 2002?

By Vigilante, at 7:55 AM  

Notwithstanding my first reaction, your proposed resolution seem to me to be productive ideas to propose and pursue.

By Vigilante, at 7:57 AM  


You raise an interesting issue by calling Bush's mission "unaccomplished."

Saddam has been ousted and Iraq doesn't have WMDs. These were the original goals of the invasion, right?

But then they shifted the goal to things unattainable by means of war.

By Craig, at 9:04 PM  

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