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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

North Korea deal: set-back for neo-con crazies; win for sanity.

The North Korea deals brings us back, full-circle, to sane "Clinton-style" diplomacy.

Let's take a moment and notice that the North Korea agreement we just struck is a return to sane, tried-and-true, diplomacy. (So, of course, John Bolton is throwing a hissy fit. external link)

This is not to say that it's a good deal. Good deals are impossible with rogue countries. However, I suspect this was the only deal possible and some deal is better than no deal.

It's a qualified somewhat complicated victory. Which, of course, means that black-and-white conservatives can't comprehend it and thus will mock it.

I remember well how much the conservatives mocked, chided and arrogantly denounced Clinton's efforts at diplomacy with North Korea. external link

So, after years of their failed big-stick, swaggering foreign policy (leaving the world a more dangerous place) we've come full circle with the very kind of deal that the Clinton Administration -- or any reasonable government -- would have struck.

Let's take a moment and savor that.

It will also be interesting to note which conservatives -- despite their previous discredited and disastrous advice -- will still criticize this deal.

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