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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Never forget -- Bush lies to start wars

We're going to hear a lot of claims about Iran that we can't evaluate ourselves. Just remember -- Bush lies about this stuff.

OK, so it's deja-view-all-over-again but with Iran instead of Iraq.

You hear this stuff and hope-to-hell that the administration would never play politics with something as serious as war.

U.S. officials offer evidence of Iran's hand in Iraqi unrest
By Tina Susman, Times Staff Writer
February 11, 2007

Baghdad -- U.S. defense and intelligence officials today rolled out what they said was solid evidence that Iran was providing bombs to target U.S. and Iraqi troops and accused Iran's supreme leader of orchestrating the smuggling of such devices over the Iran-Iraq border.

At a briefing held under unusually secretive conditions here, the U.S. officials, who refused to be identified by name and did not allow cameras or recording devices inside a conference room, offered up tables laden with hardware and a slide show of documentation that they said bolstered the U.S. contentions of Iranian involvement in Iraqi unrest.
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But they would play politics with war. And they did.

I'm taking this "smoking gun" evidence with high skepticism. We also know that the press will simply repeat what the administration tells them without checking it out for themselves -- or even asking hard questions.

I demand that congress do it's own independent investigation before they authorize any more wars. We just can't trust the Bush administration to tell us the truth.

Furthermore, congress should pass a resolution right now, unequivocally denying the president the right to launch effort outside of Iraq without a full vote of congress. Declaring war is the constitutional right.external link and duty of congress and they should exclusively reserve it for themselves

Another president might be trustworthy enough to start a military initiative on their own and get approval later. But not Bush. He's proven otherwise.

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