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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jesus loved Anna Nicole Smith

There is only one Christian response to Anna Nicole Smith -- compassion.

Fox News is now the all-Anna, all the time channel and you can sense their relief to have some news that doesn't reveal Bush and the GOP as corrupt bunglers.

I had to groan when I heard the Fox teaser, "Should we feel sorry for Anna Nicole Smith? Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera debate... coming up!!"

I turned the channel so I don't know who debated which side.

Since Bill O'Reilly is a self-appointed protector of Christian values, I hope that he debated vigorously for compassion towards Smith, just like Jesus had for the prostitutes, tax collectors and other sinners of his day.

But, I'll guess that O'Reilly argued the Pharisitical position -- and thought he was doing so as a Christian, rather than as an opponent of Christ.

All Christians -- liberal, conservative or nonaligned -- should be full of compassion for people like Smith. (Of course, this is not the same as condoning what they do.)

Although I'm not overly familiar all of Smith's sins, it seems like she gets the most condemnation for marrying an old rich guy.

It should be pointed out that a woman marrying for wealth, power and status is a far more "traditional marriage" than are the love-motivated marriages of today.

The "love marriage" is a modern invention. For most of history -- including biblical history -- women married for financial and class reasons.

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