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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Conservatives' big mouths emboldens the enemy.

When Fox News and other conservatives Muslim bash, it's an effective recruiting tool for the enemy.

You've heard it a said a hundred times by conservatives: if you criticize Bush or his war, you embolden the enemy.

Well, liberals aren't the only ones emboldening the enemy: the conservatives racist, Islamo-phobic mud slinging gets noticed over here in the Muslim world and you can bet the radicals are using conservative insults as an effective recruiting tool.

In sort, the conservatives' big mouths are emboldening the enemy.

As an example, let's take the smear of Barack Obama: 1) the smear that he might have been raised a Muslim; and 2) that his middle name is Hussein.

Muslims have noticed that being Muslim is a smear in America. It takes no explanation to see how this confirms their belief that America hates Muslims and that the war on terror is really a crusade against Islam.

They also notice that Fox News and other conservatives use the name "Hussein" as an indictment. Hussein bin Ali was the grandson of Muhammad, the Shi'ites' third Imam and is a highly respected figure. Muslims notice that Fox News says it with a sneer.

Here's an article by a Muslim who's noticed:

How to besmirch the name of a presidential candidate
Why are several political groups, mostly from the conservative and religious right, mounting a sleaze campaign against this man, levelling aspersions on his multicultural background, his name and his ethnicity?

In short, these bigots are "accusing" him - and hold on to your hat - of being a Muslim and of having attended, while as a child living in Indonesia with his mother and stepfather, a Muslim school...

Moreover, they have taken to constantly inserting Obama's middle name, Hussain, in their publications, talk shows and public discourse. Hussain, of course, evokes images of the man who went down with a noose around his neck, get it?

Hussain is the Other. Hussain is the bogey man. Hussain is a Muslim and who, horror of horrors, would want a Muslim in the White House? Hussain, however, happens to be in this case the middle name of Obama's father, that the senator does not use.
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Is it expecting too much of conservatives to shut up for the love of America?

Conservatives are not dumb and they must know that the anti-Muslim rhetoric they spew in America emboldens the enemy.

PS: I'm not insinuating that Fawaz Turki, the author of the article, is a radical. I'm sure he's not. I'm just pointing out that when American conservatives bash Muslims, it gets noticed over in this part of the world.

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