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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Boehner's talk doesn't match his walk

According to Boehner, all of America hinges on this war in Iraq. If so, then why the half-hearted war?

John Boehner was a case study in demagoguery in his speech before Congress:

We are engaged in a global war now -- a war for our very way of life.

“Every drop of blood that has been spilt in defense of freedom and liberty – from the American Revolution to this very moment – is for nothing if we are unwilling to stand against this threat.
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How can we Democrats have a reasoned debate about politics with this kind of shameless demagoguery? This is not some wacko Texas talk show host saying this ... but the top Republican in the Congress!

According to Boehner, if we give anything less than total, blind support to George Bush strategy in Iraq, everything American's have bravely fought for from the American Revolution until now is in vain!

“But because they can not defeat Americans on the battlefield, al Qaeda and terrorist-sympathizers worldwide are trying to divide us here at home. Over the next few days, we have an opportunity to show our enemies that we will not take the bait.

“It is fitting that yesterday was President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Not since the dark days of the Civil War has our homeland been a battlefield.

(Never mind that the Vietnam war debate was even more rancorous than today's.)

So, according to Boehner, this debate wasn't cause by Bush's bungling of the Iraq war, it was initiated by Al Qaeda!

Open and honest debate is essential for Democracy and we can't have that as long as guys like Boehner control one side of the debate. Good Republicans needs to rise-up and take control of their side of the debate.

In his speech, Boehner made it clear: America's fate hinges on this war in Iraq:
“This is not a question of fighting for land, for treasure, or for glory – we are fighting to rid the world of a radical and dangerous ideology. We are fighting to defend all that is sacred to our way of life. We are fighting to build a safer and more secure America – one where families can raise their children without the fear of terrorist attacks.
If so, I ask, then why is Bush fighting it so half-heartedly.

Why only 20,000 troops? Why not 200,000? After all, everything America is and stands for hinges on this war! Why not 2,000,000 new troops?

A 15% increase can't even honestly be called a surge -- in reality, it's an incremental adjustment.

I'm not military expert but I'll say the obvious: 15% isn't much. To win this war we'll need a 200% or 300% increase -- enough to seal all the borders, end the sectarian violence and get the infrastructure rebuilt.

If Boehner is serious about his rhetoric -- that all of America, past and future hangs on this war -- then why doesn't he support what needs to be done?

(And for the love of all-that's-good, stop financing it with hot checks. )

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