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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The #1 agenda for Congress: Keep Bush out of Iran

The Democrats absolutely must keep ahead of Bush on this issue, set the agenda and -- for the love of God -- stop him from attacking Iran.

Is the U.S. Headed To War With Iran?
Analysts don't expect an invasion, but some see Bush's posturing as a prelude to an air attack.

Increasing tensions with Iran over its nuclear program and actions in Iraq have fueled speculation that Bush may be paving the way for military action. With U.S. forces tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan, no one expects a ground invasion, but analysts at both ends of the political spectrum put little stock in Bush's insistence that he's focused only on diplomacy.
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It would be a huge mistake to allow Bush to act and then for the Democrats to react. They must get ahead of Bush on this issue.

First, Congress must make it illegal for Bush to attack Iran -- clear and definitively illegal.

The law should include a clause that pre-approves immediate impeachment hearings as soon as the first missile is launched.

Second, Congress should start a national debate on whether Americans want yet another war.

The Democrats and sane Republicans must mobilize and get on every TV news show and fill our newspapers with op-ed pieces detailing the pure lunacy of Bush's plans.

I am pretty sure this will turn against Bush's insane drive -- as long as we have the debate now. If Congress waits until the Bush disinformation campaign kicks in, the debate could go the other way.

For me, this is a higher priority than even Iraq or any social program. Iran is already a mess and there are no quick fixes. But Bush's insane plans to attack Iran are a mess Congress must absolutely prevent before happening.

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