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Saturday, January 20, 2007

US Military -- just another militia in Iraq?

Bush's stunningly bad leadership has reduced the world's last superpower into just another militia in Iraq.

I think most Americans tend to assume that a force as phenomenal as the US military puts it at the center of any conflict. But this interview with Moqtada Al Sadr is highly enlightening in that it reveals his view:

Al Sadr said that "there are at least four armies" ready to strike against his Mehdi militia: a secret army he said was trained in Jordan by the US military, a private army he said is at the disposal of former Prime Minister Eyad Allawi, Kurdish militias known as peshmergas and US troops. external link
To Moqtada, US troops are one of four armies against him! I hope, at least, that we rank as one of the more formidable armies!

This is where bad incredibly leadership had led us -- this mission is totally off the rails. Americans did not send our sons and daughters to be another militia in Iraq. Worse, yet, Bush does not care what most Americans think about this.

After years of carping about how Bill Clinton weakened the military, it too Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to reduce us to just another militia on the streets of Baghdad.

This is the real problem in Iraq. As I said in my previous post, going from 140,000 to 160,000 is not something I can quibble with.

My complaint is that Bush has allowed all 140,000 to get off mission -- reduced to being one of a bunch of militias in Iraq killing and being killed in a big power grab. A 15% "mini-surge" is not going to get the mission back on the rails. We need a sea-change in policy and strategy in Iraq or we need to get out.

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