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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Irresponsible Congress that proposes nothing!

Bush offhandedly rejected Baker-Hamilton and then accuses Congress of irresponsibly "proposing nothing."

You'd think failing at nearly everything he's put his hand to would make Bush a little humble. But no. He continues to flip-off the Democrats and even most Republicans.

In this week's radio address, Bush said,

Members of Congress have a right to express their views, and express them forcefully. But those who refuse to give this plan a chance to work have an obligation to offer an alternative that has a better chance for success. To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible.
Uh. Mr. Bush... remember the Baker-Hamilton Report?

You call that "nothing"?

You treated it as nothing but it was something! It was well-researched, carefully-crafted and a plan most Americans, of both parties, were ready to support.

But you rejected the real last best chance for Iraq and, instead, substituted it with your deceptively-named "surge," using all your typical partisan spin and swagger.

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