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Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm re-considering Hillary Clinton

My main objection to Hillary Clinton was that she's such a divisive figure. I was naive.

There's a lot I like about Hillary Clinton but I am so of scorched earth divisive politics. Hillary Clinton sets-off the conservatives like no other. I want a president who the conservatives can work with.

But this shameless smear of Barak Obama external link -- the one claiming he attended a madrassa external link-- has made me realize the the Right is going to horribly demonize anybody -- I mean anybody -- who runs on the Democratic ticket. It could be Mother Teresa, comeback from the dead, and the conservatives will convince themselves she is the devil incarnate.

Reality makes no difference to these conservatives -- on a couple of the blogs that were claiming Obama attended a madrassa, I left comments correcting them and giving them links explaining how this is a smear.

Do you think they changed the claim in order to accommodate the truth? Of course not!

So, I have to ask myself, why am I worried about Hillary Clinton divisiveness? The GOPs are going to play scorched earth politics with any candidate.

Why is Hillary Clinton a divisive figure to begin with? Because she's a radical? No. Because she is vitriolic? No. She is a divisive figure because the conservatives made her that way.

So, I'm not going to adjust my vote because some Democratic candidate might be divisive. The conservatives will try their hardest to bitterly divide the country with any candidate.

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