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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hurray for the Democrats -- a black, a woman and a Latino!

Before our candidates get Swiftboated, let's take a moment and congratulate ourselves.

I'm very proud of my political party, the Democrats, that an African-American, a woman and a Latino believe we are the kind of people who would elect them to the highest office in the land.

It wasn't long ago -- not very long ago at all -- that all candidates had to be white males.

This is real progress and let's take a moment to take pleasure in it.

So far, I prefer a white male candidate (John Edwards) because of his emphasis on the poor but I would consider voting for any of these three.

Heck, I'd vote for a black Latina woman if she were the best candidate. I think this is true for many Democrats and we should be proud of that. This is a very good thing. This is progress.

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