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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Trashing the bible to protect it.

Conservative Episcopal churches think they're saving the bible, but they're actually messing with it.

As you are probably aware, the Episcopal church is splitting over the issue of homosexuals in the church:

ATTLEBORO -- The wave of defections that has rocked the Episcopal Church since the ordination of the first openly gay Episcopal bishop in 2003 has reached the liberal Diocese of Massachusetts, where one congregation has severed its ties to the national church. Nearly two dozen others across New England have disassociated themselves from the church's teachings on gay clergy, homosexuality, and salvation. Episcopal split reaches Mass. diocese

Interestingly, the subhead for this article was, "N.E. churches leaving over teachings on gays, salvation"

One of these issues is worth splitting over and the other is not!

Salvation is a core doctrine of Christianity. It's the central theme of the New Testament. If the Episcopal leadership is preaching the salvation does not come from Jesus Christ, I can understand why churches would split over that.

However, homosexuality is not a core doctrine of Christianity. Jesus never even touches the subject and there are only handful of other references, here and there. It rates somewhere above head coverings but below avarice.

To link these two issues really messes with the bible -- to the point of heresy.

Where is homosexuality a huge, divisive, defining issue? In politics, obviously. Clearly, American politics has corrupted the church of Jesus Christ and our reading of the bible -- and this was done mostly by those who seek to protect both.

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