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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Totally disgraced Richard Perle should just shut up.

Even though he was one of the "brains" behind the worst American foreign policy decision since... well... maybe ever, Richard Perle thinks he still has a right to an opinion.

Top US neo-conservative Richard Perle, a key former architect of US President George W. Bush's foreign policy, has admitted there were mistakes in the execution of the Iraq war, saying the invasion needed "an Iraq De Gaulle".

Perle, who was an adviser to former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, told German weekly 'Die Zeit' in an issue published today that a string of tactical errors had resulted in the chaos reigning in Iraq today.

"The idea was good, the execution was bad," he was quoted as saying in an advance German transcript of the interview."
Perle: US needed 'Iraqi De Gaulle' for invasion

Oh yeah... that's it! It was a GREAT idea, done poorly!

Nonsense! It was a BONEHEADED idea, doomed to failure.

And his "Iraqi De Gaulle" idea is just as dumb. Is it going to be a "Shiite De Gaulle" or a "Sunni De Gaulle" or a "Kurd De Gaulle"? And how is Perle's "Iraq De Gaulle" going to get the other ethnic groups to submit other than acting like another "Iraq Hitler" which they already had with Saddam?

This is why I say that you should never let conservatives fight your wars. They are always looking backwards and never get the historical analogies correct leading them into disastrous policy decisions.

And Perle really chapped my hiney with this one:

"Perle blasted the findings released last week by the Iraq Survey Group mapping a way forward in the country, "I have never seen such a foolish report," he said.

You'd think the man who was the architect behind one of the most disastrous foreign policy plans, ever, would just slink away. But NO! He dares call Baker-Hamilton "fools."

I couldn't find it on the 'net so I scanned it:

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