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Friday, December 15, 2006

Perles of Twisted Wisdom

I wasn't the only one who thought Richard Perle was totally out-to-lunch with his "Iraq needed a De Gaulle" comment.

A couple of days ago I said: Totally disgraced Richard Perle should just shut up.. Yesterday, Gulf News was equally as critical:

Perle's wisdom misguided

Nonsense, nearly four years after the Iraq invasion, continues to be uttered from the lips of discredited neocons. The latest example comes from Richard Perle, a former architect of George W. Bush's foreign policy. He said what the Iraq invasion needed was a De Gaulle figure to lead the tanks into Baghdad.
First, the Americans had chosen Iraqi figures to lead the country but they suffered from being linked to corruption and unpopularity among Iraqis. Second, if the Americans had gone in with a military strongman in the De Gaulle mould, they would have been rightly accused of replacing one military leader with another.
Perle is deceiving himself if he believes even if a De Gaulle figure had existed for Iraq the Americans would have listened to what he said. Iraq's post-invasion troubles stem from Washington's political and military incompetence. The plight of Iraq today is not because a De Gaulle figure did not lead the troops but because there was neither a Truman nor a Churchill to comprehend the consequences of invasion and plan accordingly.

Here is the original article (in PDF format).

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