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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No Mr. President! Not another Iraq study!

Is Bush's ego so fragile that he must have his own name on an Iraq study?

I was stunned to read that the Baker-Hamilton and the Pentagon studies are not enough for Bush. He's started his own!

"The recommendations from the congressionally-convened commission are nonbinding, and the Bush administration is conducting its own crisis evaluation of Iraq."
Iraq Study Group Proposals Face Early Critiques

Not another study group! The Baker-Hamilton group have taken from mid-March to finish their report, during which untold thousands of people have died and the situation has quickly deteriorated from absolutely horrible to much worse than that.

The best leaders are people of their time -- like Winston Churchill who Bush so admires. Leaders who see clearly where we are now and what we need to do now. Bush is so clearly not that. This war got away from us in Summer of 2003 and only now Bush is conducting an evaluation. Would he have taken so much time to study the crisis if his own daughters were over there?

It is so perfectly clear that we need a major change now. No more studies. No more incremental course changes. Not another six "critical" months. No more waiting for the Iraqi army to "stand up."

Now, Mr. Bush, is the time to act and to completely change the course of this titanic disaster. Now, Mr. Bush, now.

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