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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

LG movie review: Blood of My Brother

Does it mystify you that the majority of Iraqis support attacks on the Americans who liberated them from Saddam? See this movie.

I went to this movie at the Dubai International Film Festival because I realized that I had never seen a movie about everyday victims of the Iraq war. I had seen Michael Moore's film but that was about the politics of the war.

Let me put in the disclaimer before I rave about the movie:
it is a first-time movie for director Andrew Berends and shows signs of that. Also, the character he documents -- the brother of one of the earlier Iraqi resistance casualties -- is not the most likable.

OK, -- disclaimer aside -- this is why you should see this movie: it's probably the only movie you'll see that documents why Iraqis hate us even though we liberated them from Saddam.

Since America "doesn't do body counts" of foreigners we can't really know how many Iraqis have died.

The Lancet -- a highly respected medical journal -- put the number at 650,000 six months ago. Of course the Bush administration immediately swift boated The Lancet but I'll put my confidence in the Lancet over Karl Rove and the Bush Administration every time when it comes to credible data.

Anyway, pick any Iraqi casualty number you believe -- and then multiply it by infinity.

That's the level of grief the Iraqi people are suffering because of this war.

The Blood of My Brother documents the death of one single casualty in Iraq and: the psychological impact on his younger brother, the emotional impact on his immediate family, the life-changing impact on those in his personal circle and the radicalizing impact on his community.

The movie makes clear that there is no easy measuring or categorizing the impact of this single death. If you have ever had a family member die an early and unexpected death, you know that the grief and impact are really infinite.

So multiply that by 60,000 or 600,000 -- it doesn't matter -- and you'll understand why so very many Iraqis resent and hate us.

It is sad but no surprise that the majority of Iraqis approve of attacks on US troops who liberated them from Saddam. Even among the Shiites!

If that number mystifies you, then I strongly recommend you see The Blood of My Brother

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