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Friday, December 29, 2006

Is John Edwards the most Christian candidate?

Edwards' emphasis on the poor is as genuinely Christian as it gets.

While Jesus says nothing about homosexuality or abortion and the rest of the bible only touches on the subject, there are 300 verses on poverty and economic justice.

Economic justice is not some obscure theme in the bible -- it is a central doctrine. So, you'd think this would be a huge issue for the Religious Right. Right?


WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 — The president-elect of the Christian Coalition of America, which has long served as a model for activism for the religious right, has stepped down, saying the group resisted his efforts to broaden its agenda to include reducing poverty and fighting global warming.
Dr. Hunter said, “When we really got down to it, they said: ‘This just isn't for us. It won't speak to our base, so we just can’t go there.’ ”
Pastor Chosen to Lead Christian Coalition Steps Down in Dispute Over Agenda

Following a central tenant of the bible won't speak to the conservative Christian base! We all knew this was true but it is still feels a little shameful to see it in print.

Both John Edwards and Jesus made helping the poor a central theme.

As for his Christian life, he hasn't played up his faith much (good!) but think a lot of people can relate to his spiritual journey:

...My faith has been enormous to me in my personal life and of course my personal life is a big impact on my political life. I have had an interesting faith journey over the course of my life. I was born and raised in the Southern Baptist church, I was baptized in the Southern Baptist Church and then later in life joined the Methodist church and like a lot of people, when I was in my college years, and I went to law school and became a lawyer and was raising my young family I moved away somewhat from my faith. And then I lost a son in 1996 and my faith came roaring back and it played an enormous role in my ability to get through that period. It stayed with me and has been enormously important." John Edwards on Faith

I refuse to make up my mind about 2008 until 2008, but I like John Edwards and will seriously consider voting for him. I like him because he clearly represents my Christian values.

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