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Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm rethinking my "Bush should talk with people" position.

I want Bush to talk with people -- but only if he's competent about it.

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As I was reading this Reuters article, "Iraq Shia leader seeks tougher U.S. action" I noticed that a key piece of information was missing.

Read this excerpt and see if you can notice it, too.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - One of Iraq's most powerful Shi'ite leaders said after meeting President Bush on Monday that civil war could only be staved off if U.S. forces struck harder against Sunni-led insurgents.

While Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, head of the biggest party in Iraq's government, SCIRI, met Bush in Washington, the U.S. envoy and military chief in Baghdad implored Iraqis to break a cycle of violence which they said would destroy the country.

Hakim denied that majority Shi'ites were stoking sectarian violence and put the onus on Washington to take tougher action against insurgents.

No where in the article does it tell the reader what "SCIRI" stands for: the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

Bush is talking with Islamic radicals.

In theory I applaud this. In reality this scares me because I wonder if Bush understands who he is speaking with. After all, this is the same president who invaded a Muslim country without knowing that there were different kinds of Muslims!

Does Bush understand that the SCIRI has deep connections with Iran? More than just connections, The SCIRI is an agency of Iran.

The Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a Shi'i resistance group also known as the Supreme Assembly of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SAIRI), was formed in Iran in 1982 to provide an opposition to Iraqi aggression against Iran. Following the Iran-Iraq war, the organization continued to operate with the aim of toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein. SCIRI was directly supported with funds by Tehran and with arms by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard. The movement advocated theocratic rule for Iraq and conducted a low-level, cross-border guerrilla war against the regime of Saddam Hussein.
Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq

With any other president -- even the sometimes hapless Reagan -- I'd be fully confident they had done their homework before entering into sensitive talks with an ally of our enemy.

But with Bush, I have my doubts.

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