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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

An Honest Look at Britney's Genitals

Bill O'Reilly did yet another feature on Britney Spears' up-skirt shots. Let's cut the fake moral outrage.

Yesterday, Bill O'Reilly did yet another one of his tawdry features on bad girls -- this time on Britney Spears' up-skirt shots.

In case you missed it, she flashed the paparazzi two or three times in one week (Another Britney Spears Upskirt - No Underwear Once Again) setting off a global circus about it.

I think what bothers me the most is Fox news who run multiple features morally condemning Spears but clearly enjoying any opportunity to boost the ratings with sex while claiming it's a legitimate news item. But it wasn't just Fox, I heard about this on National Public Radio!

What I haven't heard is anyone say what we all know is true:

1) Nobody is really shocked or outraged.

An up-skirt shot is pretty mild stuff compared to what else is on the Internet. Furthermore, we're especially not shocked that it came from her. After all, she just showed us that last few square inches we hadn't yet seen.

2) It's not that weird.

Besides moral outrage, the other comments insinuate that Britney Spears is so freakishly weird for doing this. The only thing kind of weird is that a famous person flashed us for free. Normally stars demand that they get paid expose themselves.

Untold thousands upon thousands of women get naked for a camera -- every year! Heck, Dr. Laura did it. So what Spears did is just not that strange. Most people wouldn't do it but a sizable minority strip for the camera every day and the majority enjoy the pictures.

3) This really doesn't matter.

Fox and NPR really have no excuse for bringing this up. I forget why NPR mentioned it but O'Reilly had on a feminist who said that Spears was hurting women. I learned in college to never argue with feminists but I doubt this. At most, this is one small increment in a larger issue of exploiting women for money.

I hope I don't sound all jaded and relativistic -- I still have the capacity to be morally outraged. But I am past being outraged by pop icons behaving badly -- especially when no one is really hurt.

As for the human Britney (as opposed to the pop icon) -- I'm not saying she doesn't have a serious personal problem. She's getting a divorce and just recently had a baby -- that has got to be hard. So, maybe she is acting-out in public. Or maybe she perceived a needs to change the tone of her tabloid coverage. Maybe both. Who knows? It really doesn't matter.

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