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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bush isn't stupid but he's not smart

When he should have been deliberate (before the war) Bush was hell-bent on rushing in. Now that things are urgent (thousands are dying) Bush decides to be deliberate.

It just amazes me how Bush gets so many things exactly backwards. When Saddam was contained and none of our soldiers were dying, he demanded that we rush into war. Now that several of our solders and scores of Iraqis are dying every day, Bush sets aside his "strong leadership" and decides this is the time to be Mr. Listener.

How backwards is that!?!?!

It's not clear if Bush even understands if we're winning or losing. (Of course we're losing. The "tipping point" of this war has long passed.)

We're not winning - but then we're not losing, claims Bush
President Bush conceded for the first time yesterday that America is not winning the war in Iraq and said that insurgents had thwarted efforts to stabilise the country.

Calling the enemy in Iraq “merciless and violent”, he gave warning that more sacrifices would be needed next year. “We’re not winning, we’re not losing,” he said. He is seriously considering an increase in troop levels.

Bush fancies himself to be another Winston Churchill. Right now Bush's is having a "Churchill moment" when he needs to make a bold -- and huge -- change in Iraq for any last hope. Odds are, he'll muff it.

Actually Bush's real Churchill moment was right after the Abu Ghraib scandal broke and America could lose the moral war. Instead Bush whiffled, probably not even understanding that the Churchill moment of his presidency was upon him. So, America lost the moral war making it inevitable that we would lose the military war.

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