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Friday, December 08, 2006

Baker-Hamilton is not "just another study" -- it's hope for a divided America.

This is one-last chance for Bush to unite the country, salvage his reputation and maybe even win in Iraq.

Everybody remembers the tremendous unity after 911. We all remember that. We all recognize the tremendous disunity now. But, few of us can put our finger on the moment when America went from tremendous unity to tremendous disunity.

I think it was the moment when Karl Rove calculated that the GOP could use 911 to sweep the 2002 mid-terms. Before that moment, 911 was a sacred event that all Americans shared. After that, it became just another wedge issue like abortion or gay marriage.

But, perhaps you can identify another time or maybe it has just been the relentless partisan politics by Bush and the GOP which got so severe that they called us Democrats traitors, friends of terrorists and enemies of America.

How can a country recover from this?

Bush is framing the Baker-Hamilton report as just another study to be considered, among many.

Sure, there are other studies but the Baker-Hamilton report is more than a study, it's an opportunity for Bush to re-unite the country behind a credible plan and move us forward, together.

Honestly, I never thought Bush would get another chance like this; the lines are just to starkly drawn. But this is his chance to "be a uniter not a divider" like he promised as a candidate. It's a miracle he got one last chance, I doubt he'll get another.

But will Bush take it? Not likely.

1) Bush does not want to work with the Democrats.
2) Bush always muffs these kind of history-defining opportunities.

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