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Friday, November 17, 2006

We'll succeed unless we quit

There is something religious about Bush's "faith based" logic.

A lesson Bush leaned from the Vietnam war was:
"Yet, the world that we live in today is one where they want things to happen immediately,'' he said. "And it's hard work in Iraq… We'll succeed unless we quit.''
Bush finds Iraq lesson in Vietnam

I recognize this kind of "faith based logic" from when I grew up in my fundamentalist church.

It's a kind of closed circle logic that makes sense if your in the system. But this same logic loudly begs for questions if your outside.

At the church we had bumper stickers like, "God said it. I believe it. That settles it."

We also used this kind of logic among ourselves, "The bible is inerrant because it is the word of God." or "I believe in God because he exists." or "I trust in God because he faithfully answers prayers." or "I believe in Jesus because he raised himself from the dead."

One of my great mental shifts when I became a liberal Christian is to just simply admit that my faith is primarily that: faith. I suppose there is some empirical evidence for truth Christianity but, honestly,

I don't care much about evidence anymore since it's irrelevant: I already believe and I seriously doubt that anyone hostile to Christianity will be converted because of the "overwhelming" evidence.

Back then most of us carefully studies books like Josh McDowell's "Evidence That Demands a Verdict." I don't know of a single former-skeptic who was converted to Christianity because of such books. Instead, we mostly just affirmed ourselves.

So, maybe that's why Bush's logic "We'll succeed unless we quit" strikes me as religious.

It's a huge leap of faith to think we would have succeeded in Vietnam had we just stayed long enough. It's an equally huge leap of faith to believe we'll succeed in Iraq by just staying there longer -- without a MAJOR change in strategy.

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