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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Theology of Disgraced Leadership.

The fall of a trusted leader is painful but it doesn't directly conflict with Evangelical theology.

OK, conservative Christians often say they are morally superior. They often act like they are morally superior.

But moral superiority is not a theology I was taught in my fundamentalist church nor in the highly conservative bible school I graduated from.

Christians should be morally superior, as a testimony to the authenticity of our faith. We Christians are commanded to act with moral integrity and transparency in all aspects of our lives.

But I was never taught that Christians are guaranteed moral superiority. In fact, we were taught something the opposite: nobody should let their moral guard down, especially church leadership, who face a special onslaught by The Enemy.

So, Haggard's fall isn't a theological "gotcha" for Evangelicals.

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