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Monday, November 13, 2006

If America tortures you, it's classified and you can't speak about it.

This is a cruel circular piece of Bush logic that was missed during mid-term hubbub.

Here's how our government's collective mind works: If America kidnaps you and tortures you, then you shouldn't be given a lawyer because you might reveal what happened, which is classified.

Terror suspect 'could reveal CIA secrets if given civilian attorney'

Washington: A suspected terrorist who spent years in a secret CIA prison should not be allowed to speak to a civilian attorney, the Bush administration argues, because he could reveal the agency's closely guarded interrogation techniques.
In recently filed court documents, the Justice Department said those methods, along with the locations of the CIA's network of prisons, are among the nation's most sensitive secrets. Prisoners who spent time in those prisons should not be allowed to disclose that information, even to a lawyer, the government said.

"Improper disclosure of other operational details, such as interrogation methods, could also enable terrorist organisations and operatives to adapt their training to counter such methods, thereby obstructing the CIA's ability to obtain vital intelligence that could disrupt future planned terrorist attacks," the Justice Department wrote.

The documents were filed in opposition to a request that terror suspect Majid Khan should be given access to an attorney.

Khan, 26, immigrated from Pakistan and graduated high school in Maryland.

Take a moment to let the perversity of the Bush Administration's logic. They can horribly abuse your civil rights (Majid Khan grew up in Baltimore) and then classify those abuses, forbidding you to talk about it.

Sure, Majid Khan seems guilty but all these guys seem guilty when you only hear the governments side of the story. That's why he needs a lawyer and his day in court. But the Bush administration wants to deny him that.

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