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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

For the love of God, don't go long!

"Go home" or "go big" but for the love of our troops and the Iraqi people, don't go long.

The Pentagon's closely guarded review of how to improve the situation in Iraq has outlined three basic options: Send in more troops, shrink the force but stay longer, or pull out, according to senior defense officials.

Insiders have dubbed the options "Go Big," "Go Long" and "Go Home." The group conducting the review is likely to recommend a combination of a small, short-term increase in U.S. troops and a long-term commitment to stepped-up training and advising of Iraqi forces, the officials said.

Pentagon May Suggest Short-Term Buildup Leading to Iraq Exit

My first question about this report was how much die we pay for this so-obvious advice? I hope there's a lot more to the Pentagon suggestions than what was leaked this week. But maybe Bush needs a simple sports analogy to make a decision.

Please Bush, don't go long! For the love of God, America, the troops, Iraq and all that's good, don't go long.

I'll use another sport analogy: "fish or cut bait" but don't let the sharks kill and dismember our guys for year after year as we slowly bring home a few minnows.

And for the love of American, don't let Karl Rove in on the decision. His evil mind will figure out the best way to use this for wedge politics, rather than what's best for Americans and Iraqis.

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