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Monday, October 16, 2006

May we call it a civil war, now?

Al Qaeda and allies have set up their own competing government.

Until now, the Bush administration has stubbornly denied that there was civil war in Iraq. While it looks like civil war, feels like civil war, kills like civil war it was not civil war because civil wars have competing governments.

This isn't true, however. Dictionary definitions say something like "a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country" but Bush chose the most narrow of definitions because, I assume, it makes their disastrous Iraq war seem a teeny bit less disastrous.

But now there are warring governments in Iraq, not just citizens.

Militants set up 'Islamic Iraqi state' amid violence

Baghdad: An Iraqi militant group that includes Al Qaida in Iraq announced in a video tape yesterday that it has established an Islamic Iraqi state.

In footage screened by the Arabic news channel Al Jazeera, a spokesman for the council called on Iraq's disenchanted Sunni Arab former elite to "pledge allegiance to the emir of the believers, Shaikh Abu Omar Al Baghdadi," a previously unknown nom de guerre.

The Mujahedeen Shura Council - an umbrella organisation of insurgent groups in Iraq - said the new state was made up of six provinces that have large Sunni populations.

The spokesman said the state would include parts of the mainly Shiite provinces of Babil and Wasit south of Baghdad along with the mixed capital and province of Diyala, and the key northern cities of Kirkuk and Mosul.

The announcement came as sectarian violence continued to rock the country. Shouting for revenge after the slaying of 14 Shite workers, militias killed at least 31 people in a town north of Baghdad, police, doctors and local residents said. In four car bomb attacks in Kirkuk 10 people were killed.
GulfNews article

So, may we call it a civil war, now, Mr. Rove?

I suppose the Bush administration, true to form, will finally acknowledge a civil war in Iraq after its hopeless to do anything about it.

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