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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hell yes! We libs have a double standard.

When conservatives condemn us liberals for having a double standard between Bill Clinton and Mark Foley, I condemn them for not having one.

Are conservatives brains just wired differently than the rest of us?

It seems perfectly obvious to me that there most certainly should be a "double standard" between Bill Clinton's adultery (morally wrong) and Mark Foley's predatory pedophilia (highly criminal.)

If I was Speaker of the House, I would have ignored any whispering campaigns about Foley being gay. Who cares?

But whispers that he was messing with underage pages? That would have sent off loud alarms and huge red flags, probably involving the FBI. I mean, what the heck is a fifty year old man IM'ing children for? You don't just let that kind of information drop just because you don't have indictable evidence. But that's exactly what the GOP leadership did -- there isn't much debate about that.

What's wrong with the conservatives that they seem incapable of making such a simple and obvious moral distinction?

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