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Monday, October 23, 2006

Fire Karen Hughes. Hire Alberto Fernandez

For a brief moment the week, America's image in the Arab world improved. Then Fernandez was forced to apologize.

It's not like Fernandez's comments triggered any new feelings about America's arrogance and stupidity in Iraq. That's pretty-much the unanimous sentiment here.

His comments did, for a very short moment, make us think that at least one person in the Bush administration has a clue about the horror and humiliation they have unleashed through their arrogance and stupidity.

Karen Hughes has been given the task of fixing American's image in the Middle East. Mostly her work has backfired because she's also forced to spin the unspinnable, to the great irritation of Middle Easterners who, apparently, follow the news a lot better than Americans do. It's a pisser to be lied to.

All her efforts and her whole budget have done less for America's image than that one little candid admission by Alberto Fernandez.

So, I say: Fire Karen Hughes and hire Alberto Fernandez to tell the truth!

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