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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bush way behind the curve... as usual

Bush just now acknowledging the similarity between the Iraq and Vietnam fiascos!

I am so tired of having a president who is always behind the curve.

Bush sees possible Iraq-Vietnam parallel

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush says he sees a possible parallel in the increase in violence in Iraq and the 1968 Tet offensive that prompted Americans to lose support for the Vietnam War.

But the White House on Thursday said the president had not been making the analogy that Iraq had reached a similar turning point. Instead, he was saying that insurgents were possibly increasing violence to try to influence coming U.S. elections.

Bush was asked in an ABC News interview on Wednesday whether he agreed with an opinion by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman that the current violence in Iraq was "the jihadist equivalent of the Tet offensive."

Everyone with even a passing knowledge of Vietnam saw the obvious similarities a couple years ago - long before the eve of this election.

What Bush is spinning as "adapting to win" (bringing US troops back to Baghdad) seems just like retreat.... and a lot like the final years of Vietnam when the insurgency backed our troops into Saigon.

If we were indeed winning, as Bush claims, our troops should be pushing away from the center, not retreating to it! I make no claims to be a military expert but isn't this just obvious?

But it's not just Tet - it's the lies, it's the politically-driven strategy and, above all, it's that Rumsfeld is as horrible as McNamara.

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