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Thursday, September 07, 2006

No nation. No armies. No territory. But they are just like Hitler!

More proof that "Islamic Fascism" is a bogus con term, coined by Karl Roves polling data.

In Bush's speech, yesterday, he described the terrorists like this:

The terrorists who declared war on America represent no nation. They defend no territory. And they wear no uniform. They do not mass armies on borders or flotillas of warships on the high seas.
Bush Sept 6 speech

Now, does this sound like the Nazis to you? Or any movement you normally associate with fascism?

Of course one, because like I said in an earlier post, the term "Islamic Fascism" is a bogus con term.

No doubt, it was carefully focus-grouped by Karl Rove to maximum fear and rally the Bush base.

Bush's speech makes me think the staff in the Whitehouse don't even believe it.

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