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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Never let conservatives fight your wars.

Conservative clinging to the past makes them bungle the present.

I knew we'd lost the war on terror on September 11, 2001.

Newt Gingrich got on Fox and declared, "This is another Pearl Harbor!!!!!"

I turned to my wife and declared, "The conservatives are going to screw this up big-time."

911 wasn't Pearl Harbor. Osama bin Laden isn't Tojo. Saddam wasn't Hitler. Al Qaeda aren't the Nazis. And Islam certainly isn't fascism.

As long as the conservatives confuse counter-terrorism with past wars, they're going to bungle. If they confuse it with WWII, they are going to bungle on a massive scale.

In radical Muslims, we are fighting a very different enemy -- almost nothing like a traditional standing army. The conservatives focus on the fact that they have no uniforms and don't abide by established rules of engagement. But conservatves seem oblivious to the most significant new development in warfare.

A traditional war strategy is to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible to degrade their army's strength. The radicals have turned this on its head.

How do you fight an army where killing one "foot-soldier" creates five more?

And that's exactly what's been happening in Iraq, according to our own government experts (but not Bush, of course). The longer we fight them, the stronger they get. What's the conservative solution? Fight longer!

Hezbollah is a particularly vexing new development in warfare -- an asymmetrical organized army. While we haven't yet figured out how to battle small asymmetrical terrorists cells, they've organized into a formidable army.

As conservatives do, Israel fought Hezbollah like past wars. And as conservatives do, they spectacularly bungled it.

Israel's objective was to significantly degrade Hezbollah by aggressively attacking them deep into their own territory. So, they bombed the crap out of Lebanon.

Clearly their strategy failed. Worse yet, it backfired. In just a few short weeks, Hezbollah has rebounded militarily and seems to be /much stronger/ politically, which is a strength much more valuable than 20,000 Katyusha rockets.

Nasrallah Says No Army can Disarm Hezbollah

Israel came out of this conflict, bruised, looking-weak and hated even more than ever -- if that's possible.

To fight modern asymmetrical warfare, we need leaders who are ahead of the curve, not sixty years behind it.

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