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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm tired of my president being behind the curve.

Why does the Bush administration always seem to be about six months behind the rest of us in their understanding of current events?

One of the worst bungles of the Bush administration is not finishing the job in Afghanistan, allowing Al Qaeda to escape and morph into a much more dangerous global decentralized organization.

Isn't this obvious to you? It's obvious to me. It's obvious to most people.

It's not obvious to Bush!

He's claiming this week that America has "significantly degraded" Al Qaeda.

A new counterterrorism strategy released yesterday by the White House describes al-Qaeda as a significantly degraded organization,
Individuals, Small Groups Cited as Terrorist Threats

"significantly degraded"!?!?!

Who actually believes this?

It be nice, just for once, if Bush was actually ahead of the curve, instead of embarrisingly obvlivious to the obvious.

Here is a copy of the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

(I haven't read it yet, but scanning it makes me wonder of Bush has even read it. His speeches this week seem a bit out-of-step with the report.)

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