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Monday, September 25, 2006

Conservative real-time history revisionism in overdrive with Clinton interview

Who do they think they're fooling? We have TVs and radios and we can judge for ourselves.

Watch Bill's Clinton's interview on Fox News. Judge for yourself. Is he ranting and raving? Does he seem hate-filled?

Yes, he's angry. But not consumed with hatred. He's not even all-that angry. Just plain pissed-off.

Don't these real-time revisionists realize we have our own TVs?

Bill Clinton is angry that Fox News is lying about him. And then ambushed him on it.

As he should be! Fox News has been the biggest cheerleader of a spectacularly disastrous, counterproductive anti-terrorism strategy. Yet they dare sit in smug judgment of Bill Clinton who did a good job.

Even more surreal are portrayals of sleepy Al Franken as a "bomb thrower" or deadpan Al Gore as an "unhinged screaming lunatic."

Clearly Fox and the conservative media have clued-in on some psychological phenomenon. They've learned that a segment of the population can see -- with their own eyes -- someone like Al Gore drone on in perfect rationality. But if TV labels it "unhinged crazy ranting," some people will honestly believe the spin rather than their own eyes and ears.

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