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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Achilles Heel of the Religious Right - let's hammer it!

About 23 percent of Americans want to be told what to do. The rest of us resent the moralizing blow-hards like Bill Bennett.

The "Values Voter Summit" last weekend reminded me of the main weakness of the Religious Right -- a weakness that liberals would be wise to exploit.

According to John Dean in his book Conservatives Without Conscience twenty-three percent of Americans have an emotional need for authoritarianism. Surely, this is the appeal of the "Value Voters Summit" and makes up much of the Republican base.

But that leaves seventy-three percent of Americans who want these moralizing, sanctimonious -- often hypocritical -- blow-hards to mind their own damn business! This should be the Democrat base.

We liberals should pound the Religious Right hard on this point. Jerry Falwell, Bill Bennett, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Ralph Reed, Tom Delay -- the noxious conservative Christians who use the pulpit to bully. Do most Americans want the holier-than-thou gang telling us how to live our personal lives? No way!

This is a point where we can "go negative" in all good conscious. Why? Because we can tell the truth and most Americans will be disgusted.

The slogan we can repeat, again and again: "Do you want [insert annoying right wing blowhard here] telling you how to live your life? If so vote Republican! If not vote Democrat!"

Good personal morality is a winning liberal value. Let's lead with it.

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