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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why I won't miss Lieberman

If Lieberman gets the boot today, it will be because of his misguided war stance.

You know what bugs me the most about Lieberman? It's that he jumped on that shameful bandwagon to exploit Terri Schiavo for a few cheap political points. That whole episode was a cruel, sadistic charade and Lieberman joined in.

Lieberman runs as a "values" guy. We'll I'm a values guy, too, and it offends my values the way they grossly mistreated that poor crippled woman.

I'm not the only one who feels this way about Lieberman.

Schiavo: Lieberman Wrong About Terri

[Michael Schiavo] said he decided to target Lieberman after watching him make the rounds of national Sunday talk shows supporting the government's right to intervene in his wife's case.

"Joe Lieberman never met me; he never met Terri," Schiavo said Friday. "Joe Lieberman didn't know anything about us or what Terri wanted, but that didn't stop him from saying on national TV that he and George Bush knew better."

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